Frequently Asked Questions

Council meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month in the Council Chambers of the Colby City Hall located at 211 W Spence Street. Council meetings start at 6:30 p.m., unless noticed otherwise.  An Agenda for the meeting is posted at the Colby City Hall.

All elections are held in the Community Room of the Colby City Hall, located at 211 W Spence Street.  Polls are open from 7:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.

Building Permits are required for all work done that costs over $1,000.  An inspection application(UDC Permit) is required for all construction of new one and two family dwellings and additions/alterations. A printable building permit is linked below. If you are questioning whether you need a permit or which type of permit is required please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 715-223-4435.

City Building permit

Garbage and Recycling are collected on Tuesday mornings at the curb.  All garbage must be in clear or white garbage bags.  Recycling must be in bins and recycled according to the information provided in the Recycling Guide for Residents, located below.  Collection takes place early in some areas of the city, so the refuse and recycling should be put out by 5:30 A.M.

Guidelines for Curb Side Garbage Service

Recycling Guide for Residents

Guia de Reciclaje

The City Crew will pick up brush at the curb on Fridays during the summer months.  The city has a compost pile located near the Sewer Treatment Plant.  City residents can take grass clippings and leaves to this location.  Leaves will be picked up at the curb during the month of October.

The first half or full payments of Real Estate taxes are due by Jan. 31 at the City Clerks Office.  FULL payments of Personal Property taxes are due by Jan. 31.  Taxes are to be paid at or mailed to the Colby City Treasurer, PO Box 236, Colby WI  54421.  Make checks payable to: Colby City Treasurer.  The second half of balance is due on July 31 and must go to the Clark County Treasurer or the Marathon County Treasurer depending on which county you live in.

The City Clerk issues dog licenses.  A license is required for any dog that is at least 5 months old by July of each year.  Proof of rabies vaccination is required to license the dog. The license is good until the end of the calendar year it was issued in.


The city does not allow American pit bulls terrier breed, Staffordshire bull terrier breed, American Staffordshire terrier breed, or any dog which has the appearance and characteristics of being predominantly of these breeds.

Per ordinance 7-1-18, Limitation on Number of Dogs, no more than TWO dogs may be kept in one household, except a litter of offspring from one female dog may be kept for not more than sixteen weeks from birth or when a kennel license has been issued. To apply for a kennel license, you must fill out a Conditional Use Permit application and pay the application fee of $250.00. The City Planning committee will meet to approve or deny your application.

For more information please read the City Ordinance, Chapter 7-Licensing (located under the government tab) or please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 715-223-4435.


The City of Colby provides Water/Sewer/Garbage and Recycling Services for the residents of the City. The utility bill is billed out monthly. Resident’s will receive their bill on or around the first of every month. The bill is typically due on the 20th of each month except if that date would fall on a weekend then it will be different, please pay attention to the due date on the bill.

The city provides the residents of the city with many options for paying their utility bill monthly.

Options included:

  • Send by mail (PO Box 236, Colby WI 54421),
  • Pay at City Hall (Located at 211 W Spence Street)
  • Pay at local banks (located within the City)
  • Pay online (, customer is responsible for the fee to pay online)
  • Sign up for automatic withdrawal through the City (the total amount due on your water bill is automatically withdrawn from the account of your choice on the due date) ACH form
  • Utilize the lock box located near the entrance to City Hall

If you are moving please contact City Hall at 715-223-4435 to start or cancel service.

Any questions regarding your Utility Bill please contact our office at 715-223-4435.

Many customers like the convenience of paying their Utility Bills online. HeyGov accepts utility payments on behalf of the City of Colby.  Below is a link to HeyGov’s website.

Pay Utility Bill Online