Dog Limit Referendum Question Results

Results of Referendum Question

Below is the referendum question that was on the 4/7/20 ballot. The referendum failed 135 voters in favor and 235 voters against. The result of this vote means that the existing ordinance limiting residents to two dogs will remain in effect. If a resident wants to have more that two dogs in a household, they would be required to apply for a conditional use permit.

Should City of Colby Ordinance Section 7-1-18 which sets forth the limitation on the

number of dogs that may be kept in one household be increased from its current two (2)

dogs per household to a new limit of three (3) dogs per household and Section 7-1-3(b)(3)

which sets forth the requirement for a dog “kennel” license be increased from its current

three (3) or more dog requirement to a new four (4) or more dog requirement.