Economic Development

Colby Industrial Park - Clark County, WI 54421

Community Type:                     City
Industrial Park Address:           County Highway N
Total Acres in Park:                   31
Available Acres in Park:            17
Minimum Parcel Size (acres):      .56
Maximum Parcel Size (acres):   2.41
Zoning Code:                              Industrial

Park Features  

Adjacent Acres Available:    Yes
Protective Covenants:         No
Fire Insurance Rating:         5
Soil Borings:                        No
Flood Plain:                         No
Topography:                         Level
Foreign Trade Zone:            No
Development Zone:             No
Paved Street in Park :         Yes
Curb and Gutter in Park :    Yes


Electricity:                             Xcel Energy
Water:                                   Municipal
Gas:                                      WE Energies
Sanitary Sewer:                    Yes
Storm Sewer:                        Yes
Fiber Optics Service:            No
Digital Switching:                  No
Purchase Cost (per acre):    Negotiable
Ownership:                           City
Realtor Listing:                     No
Last Update:                         May 2004

Adjacent Land Use       

Land Use (north):  Agricultural
Land Use (south):  Agricultural
Land Use (east):    Agricultural
Land Use (west):   Agricultural


Nearest Commercial Airport:           Central Wisconsin-Mosinee
Distance to Commercial Airport:      38 miles
Nearest Local Airport:                      Taylor County-Medford
Distance to Local Airport:                 16 miles
Longest Local Airport Runway:         4,100 asphalt
Nearest Major Highway:                    South 13
Distance to Nearest Major Highway:    .5 miles
Number of Lanes:                              2
Rail Service:                                      Wisconsin Central Limited
Spur:                                                  No


James Schmidt

P.O. Box 236 City, Colby, WI 54421
Tel: (715) 223-4435; Fax (715) 223-8835

City Industrial Lot Proposal - TIF Incentive   

The City of Colby has a number of lots available in the City’s Industrial Park.  Attached is a map of the lots available, a map showing the location of the industrial park in relation to State Hwy 13 and State Hwy 29 and a statistic sheet for the Colby Industrial Park.  The industrial park is also located in a Tax Increment District and the city is able to offer cash TIF Incentives for construction in the park.  Below is an example of the incentive available per $500,000 worth of valuation.  Please contact me at (715) 223-4435 with any questions.  The city’s website is

TIF Incentive Example of $500,000 valuation

TIF Incentives are based on an anticipated five year tax payback.

$500,000 valuation multiplied by the current tax rate of $21.28 per thousand is $10,640.00 in taxes per year.  This annual amount multiplied by a five year pay back would allow for an estimate TIF Incentive of $53,200.00.  This money comes from the city of Colby’s TIF money and can be used toward the construction of the facility/utilities/grounds improvements.